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Water does not have to come out of YOUR own well to be Hard

If you are a resident of Adams County and live in and around the Borough of Littlestown in South Central PA, you are part of a Municipal Water system that serves 36 communities ranging from 26 to over 10,000 customers. The County’s community water systems provide water for residential, institutional, industrial and commercial uses obtaining their water primarily from wells. Only a handful of them obtain water from springs or streams. In effect, your municipal water will probably be well water, which means in all likelihood it will be just as hard as if you extracted it from your own well.

Over thirty years of fixing problem water throughout Adams County, NicMar Water has perfected the science of refining municipal water supplies by dramatically reducing the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause even municipally treated water to be hard.

Why do you need a Refiner for Municipal Water in Littlestown PA?

The benefits of refined water are readily apparent once you experience the difference:

  • Cleaner linens as well as softer clothes and towels
  • Extended life and energy efficiency of water-using appliances and plumbing.
  • Spot-free glassware and silverware.
  • More luxurious, foaming baths.
  • Less detergents and cleaning products usage thanks to better lathering.
  • Extended life of faucets and fixtures which stay looking new longer.
  • The elimination and expense of harsh cleaning products to manage hard water.

NicMar | Martin Water’s Refiner of choice is more than a water softener. The EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM®, was specifically engineered for municipal water applications.  Not only will it clean and condition your water supply, but thanks to a layer of coconut shell carbon, the system will remove the smell and taste of chlorine throughout your home associated with municipal water treatment.

The EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM® combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration in a single cabinet configuration.  This system is specifically recommended for customers on a municipal water supply such as Littlestown PA’s.

Our premium EcoWater Systems ERR 3700R20 Water Refiner will:

  • Eliminate stains on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing
  • Eliminate hard water mineral build-up on glassware
  • Eliminate damage from hard water scale build up in your pipes and appliances
  • Eliminate Soap scum in the shower and tub

The EcoWater ERR 3700R20 Series Features:

  • Proprietary remote monitoring with HydroLink® providing remote monitoring performance and water usage.
  • Whole home carbon filtration without the expense of changing filters.
  • System regeneration only as needed.
  • Tank light illuminates salt tank.
  • (EASE™) Patented remote diagnostic system means we can diagnose the system remotely.
  • 68 hour power back up.
  • System automatically adjusts settings when used with Potassium Chloride or if iron is present in the water.
  • 1” valve for plumbing up to 1-1/2”.
  • Energy efficient 24V transformer.
  • Certified for the removal of both Radium and Barium.

Call NicMar Water in Littlestown PA and throughout greater Adams County

If you are looking for a Water treatment expert in Adams county and live in the Borough of Littlestown in South Central PA, contact NicMar | Martin Water online or by phone for solving the most challenging water problems that are characteristic of the hard water in Adams County. In addition to installing our EcoWater ERR 3700R20 refiners we maintain and repair a wide variety of other makes and models including, Sears, Culligan, Rainsoft, Waterboss, GE, Fleck, Microline, Kinetico, Whirlpool, Hellenbrand, Autotrol and Clack.

Our technicians Scott Hoak, Danny Seinze and our WQA level 6 lead water expert Mark Williams specialize in resolving the water problems other can’t or won’t in Littlestown PA’s .

We are available for emergency service and repairs and offer scheduled tune–ups to keep your water refining system in top condition. We serve customers throughout the South Central PA area, including all of Adams County and Littlestown PA. Call us or chat live with us any time.

Call 717.528.8444 for water softening services in the surrounding Littlestown PA area or click here to contact us for immediate service.

Littlestown PA Water Refiner Repair & Water Refiner Systems Installation in Littlestown PA

When you need water refiner repair service anywhere in Littlestown PA Adams County, NicMar | Martin Water is there for you. We know from 30 years of field experience that South Central PA’s water can be problematic and when your Water refiner is not working, you want back up as soon as possible. Our water technicians Scott Hoak, Danny Sentz are factory certified and trained to repair all makes and models, so if your refiner is not working properly or is no longer operational, we can take care of it. If it is time for routine maintenance on your Water Refining system, we also offer annual maintenance check–ups.

At NicMar | Martin Water, our planning and engineering expertise ensures that our Water Refiner installations will mean that the Refining Systems will perform as efficiently as possible and provide lasting results. Call any time to set up a FREE estimate on a new 3500R20 EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM® in Littlestown Adams County PA.

Call NicMar | Martin Water today at 717.528.8444 for water treatment solutions designed to address hardness, taste/odor, pharmaceuticals and lead removal as well as nitrate, sulfur, iron, sulfur bacteria, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, toxic chemicals, uranium, radon and acidic water in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Click here to contact us for immediate service. 

Littlestown PA Water Refiner Replacement

Is it time to replace that aging Water Refiner? Call NicMar | Martin Water at 717.528.8444 and see if it can be still repaired or if it’s more cost-effective to get a new more efficient system. Our lead water specialist is WQA (Water Quality Association) level 6 certified, the highest ranking possible in the industry, has the knowledge to determine if it makes more sense to repair or replace. If replacement is necessary, you can have the confidence that you will get the best-designed solution, installation and retrofit on the market. We offer free estimates on upgrades and any improvements to the water refining system in your home.

Littlestown PA Water Refiner Maintenance and Tuneā€“Up Services

NicMar | Martin Water offers comprehensive maintenance and tune–up services for water refiners throughout Littlestown PA as well as the surrounding areas in Adams County. 

Replacement of all wear items including Gaskets, Rotors and discs, O-rings, Coconut shell carbon, and Piston assemblies (when applicable).

Batch cleaning of resin inside the pressure vessel for the removal of iron impurities and checking for salt bridging (salt bonds to the side walls of the tank causing clumping which can impair performance due to air pockets between the salt and the water).

Complete test to verify refining system is working to factory specs.

Water Refiner Services in Littlestown PA

Call NicMar | Martin Water for all your water treatment needs in Littlestown PA Adams County.

We offer installations, maintenance and repairs for many types of water refiner systems.

We also offer our water treatment services to homeowners throughout the South Central PA area.

Call today for a Littlestown Borough PA specialist you can trust and rely on!

Contact NicMar | Martin Water today.  WE FIX PROBLEM WATER.

Residential Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

NicMar | Martin Water is here to resolve all your residential water treatment problems in York Springs Pennsylvania. Call us at 717.528.8444 or click here for immediate service.


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