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NicMar | Martin Water and York Springs PA a common history built on hard water...

York Springs PA, not to be confused with York Pennsylvania, the 14th largest city in Pennsylvania, is a small borough in Adams County with a population of 833 (2010 US Census).

York “Sulphur” Springs was the very first resort of its kind in Adams County back in the 1700’s, where privileged urbanites from Philadelphia and Baltimore came to vacation by horse drawn carriage and stage coach during the milder Eastern Seaboard summers.

Dancing, croquet, bowling, and drinking from the well-known springs were the leisure activity for most of the visitors in an era where water filtration was nothing more than futuristic science fiction. The water in fact was very unpalatable if not downright undrinkable, but believed to be highly medicinal in value.   According to records of the time it contained a high concentration cocktail of minerals including Epsom salts, gypsum and common salt and of course what it was famous for…sulfur.  None of these elements ideal for household consumption.

Today, 250 years later, the enterprise that is NicMar | Martin Water, one of the oldest locally based water filtration and water treatment companies, can claim its origins going back more than three decades in the very same York Springs,  installing only the best-in-class water filtration systems to deal with the challenging water issues native to the area throughout York, Hanover, Gettysburg and Harrisburg PA.

Our factory authorized service and repair center is considered one of the best in South Central PA and NicMar | Martin Water offers emergency repair on a wide variety of water filtration systems as well as water softeners of all makes and models including EcoWater Systems, Rainsoft, Hellenbrand, Sears, Whirlpool, 3M, GE Culligan, Waterrite, and many more. Call us to solve your hard water needs in York, Hanover, Gettysburg and Harrisburg or anywhere throughout the greater South Central PA area.

A NicMar | Martin Water professional has the tribal knowledge to help a homeowner navigate the complexities of selecting the most effective and ecologically friendly water filtration solution for your home or business.

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York Springs PA Main St 2012
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Municipal Building
York Springs Adams County, Pennsylvania
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  • Drinking water solutions including RO and UV 
  • Whole home water treatment solutions 
  • Specialty Media Water Filtration Systems 
  • Realtor Services
  • Salt Delivery 


Residential Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration in York Springs, Pennsylvania.

NicMar | Martin Water is here to resolve all your residential water treatment problems in York Springs Pennsylvania. Call us at 717.528.8444 or click here for immediate service.


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