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K5 Drinking Water Station

The superior solution – The K5 is our best reverse osmosis system. It is in a league of its own capable of producing more than 40 gallons of water a day – that triples the industry’s average. Its multistage filtering system can be customized and adjusted to cater to your water’s specific filtration needs. If these needs ever change, the system can be easily adjusted. To top it off, the K5 secures all parts under a 10-year warranty.


An excellent compact filtration system – A simpler reverse osmosis system, the AquaKinetic provides users with crisp and clean water. It operates on an affective three-stage system requiring minimal maintenance. The AquaKinetic also comes with a 5-year warranty on all parts.

MACguard Filter

Better taste on tap – If your water has a stomach churning stench or revolting taste, the MACguard system is for you. It filters your drinking water supplying you with refreshing flavor. It is an economically sound water filtration system by saving you money while providing you with clean water. All parts are protected under a 1-year warranty.


Delectable water straight from your current faucet – If other water filters have failed you and a reverse osmosis water system isn’t a viable option, the Kienetico Kube drinking water system is a great alternative. Most sink faucets can be installed with the Kube requiring little time and effort.