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Drinking Water System

Saltless Water Systems

Saltless Water Systems

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems negate water complications without the hassle of salt or chemicals. They are the perfect alternative for those who refuse to bother with salt or chemicals to get rid of their water problems. Our Scale Reduction System (or SRS) was crafted to maximize the life of your appliances, water systems, and your health while also reducing your energy bills. Our whole house systems have ingenious designs that are great at eliminating iron, hardness, and nasty impurities to viruses, microorganisms, and cysts. Ask a Kinetico water professional for a no-obligation, thorough examination of your water to see what would work best for you.


Chloramine Reducing system

Very effective at diminishing chloramines in your water – Chloramine is a common disinfectant that municipalities use to cleanse their water. A Kinetico CRS 1100 system reduces chloramines in your water supply using a special Sulfaban media. It requires very little maintenance and minimizes chloramines. Contact your local water utility to discover whether or not they use chloramine.

Whole House Problem Water Filters / Systems

Well-crafted to resolve your water problem– Kinetico Whole House Problem Water Filters and Systems are specially created to target your specific water need. Common issues like cloudy water, rust, and sulfuric smells pose no challenge against our systems. Even more complex problems can be easily resolved with these systems. They are also cost-friendly and efficient delivering you clean water you can be proud of. Sometimes to get the best results, one or more systems may be necessary.

Whole House Membrane System

A saltless answer to a vast amount of water challenges – the TX Membrane System eliminates a wide array of water problems. It traps destructive contaminates, iron, hardness, and odor-causing impurities with a semipermeable membrane. The result is crystal-clear, refreshing water. The TX System compensates for other water treatment options that have let you down.