Purchasing a new home and settling in can be expensive so it’s only natural to look for ways to save money. It may seem counter intuitive, but one of the best ways to save money is to install a water filter in your new home. This is an investment that will provide your family with clean filtered cost friendly water that’s ideal for drinking, cooking, and washing. Let’s take a closer look at why installing a water filter should be a priority if you need to save money.

Cheaper Cleaner Drinking Water

The water that comes from our taps has been cleaned at a basic level to adhere to EPA guidelines. That being said, it often comes with “swimming pool” chlorine taste and odor that many people dislike. We need to drink water to stay healthy, and for this reason, it’s not surprising that people buy bottled water. This is fine on the go, but in your home, it can be annoying and expensive. Bottled water can take up a lot of storage room, the bottles are heavy to lug around, and over time the costs can really add up. It’s often cheaper and easier to have a water filtration system installed; this will provide clean water that’s ideal for drinking, beverages, and cooking. By filling your water bottles at home and bringing them with you, you can save even more money.

Protecting Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures

Many of us live in hard water areas, and this can have a damaging effect of plumbing pipes and fixtures. Hard water contains high quantities of hard minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and others. These minerals deposit lime and scale as they move through our pipes and plumbing fixture. In places where it can be seen, this can easily be identified as a buildup of hard white material. Over time these deposits will grow larger and eventually they will cause clogs in your plumbing system. These will need to be removed by a professional plumber, and the repairs are often expensive. Prevention is better than the cure, so installing a water filter and softener will save money in the medium to long term.

Protecting Water Using Appliances

Appliances are expensive, but in our busy lives, we rely on them to get tasks completed quickly and efficiently. Protecting that investment, by reducing repair bills, extending the lifespan and reducing the energy costs is a great way to save money. Poor quality hard water, much like the plumbing issues discussed earlier, can damage your water using appliances. The buildup of lime and scale will cause pipes and parts to wear out quickly, and this could result in an expensive repair bill. The appliances may need to be replaced earlier than expected due to cumulative damage that could have been prevented. Finally, an appliance affected by hard water issues may have to work harder to heat the water and operate, and this will drive up the energy bills.