Does your skin feel clean and fresh when you step out of the shower? Would you describe your skin as silky smooth or does it feel squeaky clean? Many people are unaware that the water coming into their homes can have a dramatic effect on the condition of their skin. In most cases this comes down to one simple question, is your water hard or soft? Most homes in our country are supplied with hard water, and it can be bad for your skin. Let’s look at this issue in greater detail and show how you can fix the problem.

Why is Hard Water Hard on Your Skin?

Hard water contains high quantities of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and others. These minerals affect how soap lathers, it can be very difficult to form any kind of soap solution and many people attempt to compensate by simply using more soap. When hard water reacts with soap, it will cause white soap scum, this is a sticky residue that adheres to skin, and it can form clogs in your drains. There are three main ways that hard water can damage your skin.

  1. Clogging Skin Pores

That soap scum that you can see on your bathroom fixtures is also on your skin. A film of scum is left behind every time you shower, and it cannot be rinsed away. This residue will block your skin pores, and this can lead to breakouts and the aggravation of existing skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. Clogged pores will trap natural oils in the skin, and this could lead to the formation of discolored skin blemishes. Many people that make the switch to soft water find that their skin condition symptoms are significantly improved.

  1. Dry Skin Problems

The film of scum left on your skin after washing can also make it feel dry, itchy and irritated. The water hardening minerals can quickly strip the moisture out of your skin, and at the same time it will prevent your natural oils from lubricating your skin and retaining moisture. As well as causing dry skin, the hard water could also lead to other skin conditions, including dermatitis and acne.

  1. Skin Aging

Some dermatologists have stated that hard water could even cause your skin to age more quickly than it should. The mineral impurities in your water supply could form free radicals in your body that could cause damage to healthy skin cells. This will cause the premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and body. Free radical damage can even lead to a breakdown in collagen which is the main protein in our connective tissue.

What is the Solution to Hard Water? 

As you can see, hard water isn’t good for our skin, and the solution is to use soft water instead. The water coming into your home can be treated with a water softener that will remove the water hardening mineral ions and replace them with softer sodium ions. This will make the water silky smooth and easy to rinse away. Many people switching to soft water are surprised at how much better their skin and hair feels after showering.