Most homes in our country are supplied with water that has a high mineral content. This is often referred to as hard water, and it contains elevated levels of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Whether you have owned your home for a good while or if you’re a new homeowner it’s a good idea to get a water purity and hardness test. Water conditions can change over time, and the water you receive now may be different from the past. Let’s take a look at four good reasons why you need to get your water tested today.

1. Hard Water is Bad for Skin and Hair

Many people have dry skin conditions and hair that feels dull and lifeless after washing. This is often caused by hard water; the minerals in the water stick to your skin after showering and bathing. They are hard to rinse away because you’re also rinsing in hard water. These mineral deposits dry on the skin and hair blocking pores and clogging up your hair follicles. This makes skin feel dry, sore and flaky and hair will be hard to manage and flat. Many people report that their skin clears up and their hair improves dramatically when they deal with their hard water issues.

2. Hard Water is Hard on Your Water Using Appliances

When you purchase a washing machine, dishwasher or a high end plumbed in coffee maker it can be a significant investment. Sadly, hard water is really hard on water using appliances because it causes a buildup of hardened minerals that’s commonly known as limescale. Over time limescale will force your appliances to work hard and longer, this will drive up your energy bills and compromise performance. The appliances will need more frequent repairs, and the useful lifespan of the machine will be compromised. When you add up the costs, installing a water treatment system to improve the water quality and remove hardness is a sound investment. Your appliances will work better, last longer and use less energy.

3. Hard Water Makes Soap and Detergent Less Effective

It’s harder to achieve a lather with soap and detergent if you’re using hard water. The water hardening mineral ions bond with the soap to create soap scum. People using hard water have to compensate for this by using larger quantities of soap. It’s also common for people to wash at higher temperatures in order to get their clothes clean. Over time the cost of this additional soap and the increase in energy bills can really add up.

4. Harmful Contaminants in the Water Supply

Water is an extremely effective solvent. Given enough time it can dissolve most substances and then they are in the water. This can include naturally occurring minerals that the water passes through as it makes its way into our waterways. It can also include materials from industrial processes, chemicals, pollution, and flushed prescription drugs. Many of these substances cannot be detected with normal senses, and a water test will be required to discover the composition of your water supply.

If you have more questions about water testing, get in touch with your local water treatment professional for expert help and advice.