Know-how, Service and Customer Satisfaction

Like NicMar Water, Martin Water is a family owned and operated business.  Founded in 1973 by Dennis Martin in his 200 sq. ft. garage in Myerstown, today the Martin family team has more than 120 employees.  The organization's growth is directly attributable to the hard work and dedication of its employees and the loyalty of its customers. 

For the past 45 years, Martin Water has developed a reputation for delivering excellent service, honesty in every commitment, consultations without high pressure and quality products to improve water.


Martin Water is committed to being the leader in our field by continuing education and innovation.  We use only methods of water treatment that are scientifically proven and approved by the Water Quality Association.  To be able to offer you the most advanced technology available, we are committed to researching the industry to find the most reliable and efficient water treatment products.  You can be sure that if Martin Water offers a product, it has been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure proper operation and results.  

Treat people honestly and fairly.  Provide better service, better science and better information than anyone else.  It’s pretty simple…at the end of the day, we only have one mission…to be the most customer-oriented, highest-quality, value-driven water treatment company in our region.

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When you call Martin Water, a skilled customer service representative will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries. They will also direct your call to the appropriate personnel to answer any of your questions and ALWAYS assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

CONTACT US or call us TODAY at 1-800-542-8649 for a FREE WATER ANALYSIS!

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Certifications & Third Party Qualifications

With over forty WQA certified employees, Martin Water has the highest number of employees in Pennsylvania who hold a level of certification with Water Quality Association.  Certification through WQA is important to Martin because it provides our technicians with ongoing education in the field of water treatment and gives them greater knowledge to serve our customer needs.  

Martin Water has four water system operators who are certified with Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection to manage small water treatment systems.  Pennsylvania requires all small public water systems to contact with a certified operator.  If you have received a notice to this regard or if you are looking for someone to manage your water system we can help assist you in this area.


Here today…here tomorrow


Unlike many providers that come and go, NicMar | Martin Water has been managed by the same team since the early 90’s, and servicing the same region since the 1970’s.  Today, the company’s performance, experience and products are widely considered the best available in the region. 

Call us today at 1-800-542-8649 for your water treatment products.



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