What Does a Water Quality Association Gold Seal Mean?

Choosing a water softener for your home can be a difficult process, and research or professional advice is essential. There are many water softeners available to choose from, and you want a good unit that will not let you down. When a water softener meets high industry standards and has undergone extensive testing, it may receive Gold Seal certification. Let’s take a closer look at what this means exactly and why you need to factor this into your purchasing decision.

What is a Gold Seal?What Does a Water Quality Association Gold Seal Mean?

The Gold Seal is issued by the Water Quality Association (WQA) as an international mark denoting product quality. Over the years, it has become the most recognized drinking water treatment certification program all over the world. It’s important to note that not every water treatment system has the Gold Seal standard. The WQA only awards this certification to the most trusted manufacturers and the most reliable products. This ensures that Gold Seal certified products are quality drinking water systems that work consistently well.

A Brief WQA History:

The WQA was established in 1959, and they were the first organization to develop a testing standard and certification procedure for drinking water products. The Gold Seal Certification Program awarded the first ever Gold Seal certification in 1960. This makes this the oldest global water testing and certification program in the entire water industry. A WQA Gold Seal indicates that the product is durable, safe and quality assured for the consumer to use. A water treatment system that has a Gold Seal has been extensively tested and has met water industry standards.

WQA Gold Seal Testing Procedures:

In order to pass the Gold Seal certification program, a product must undergo rigorous testing to evaluate its integrity and performance. Firstly, the materials used in its construction cannot contribute to the levels of contaminants found in the drinking water. Secondly, a chemical performance test will measure how effective the contaminant reduction measure are for the life expectancy of the system. Thirdly, a structural integrity test is carried out; this ensures that the product will last for at least a decade of normal home use. Finally, a review is carried out; this ensures that the literature provided for consumers, meets the WQA’s ethical standards for accurately reporting product performance that is congruent with the recorded test results.

In Conclusion:

As you can see, a Gold Seal Certification issued by the WQA is not an empty award and carries considerable weight in the water industry. A test that proves a high level of performance over a normal use period of ten years is invaluable in making an informed decision. Of course, one can expect a system with a Gold Seal to be more expensive than units that don’t have this certification. That being said, cheaper systems will usually fail far sooner and provide a lower level of performance, making them a poor alternative. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and a Gold Seal certified product is the best choice to improve the water quality in your home.

Forgetting to Change the Various Filters:

Many people are a little paranoid about what may happen if they forget to change the filter in their RO systems. Don’t panic; the system will continue to work fine for a while before you begin to notice a few problems. The RO system, may produce less water over time and eventually (if the filters are not changed) no water at all. The lack of any filtered water is a sure sign that most of the filters and the RO membrane are no longer working. The taste and odor of the supplied water may also be less palatable than you have become used to. Set up some dates on your favorite app or calendar to remind you when to change your filters and these issues are easily avoided.

By Mark Williams (NicMar President Mark Williams holds degrees in Applied Science and Industrial Thermodynamics, along with Agricultural Mechanization and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University. He also holds the highest possible industry ranking, being WQA (Water Quality Association) LEVEL 6 Certified.)

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