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Customer: Laura Becker
Water Problem: Requested a free water test
Water source- Municipal Water
Upon visit to her home and discussing the needs and wants of her and her family, it was determined they were content with the water quality, but had concerns about low water pressure. Where the water enters the home, there is a pressure regulator that was adjusted to a low pressure. NicMar Water increased the pressure to a satisfactory level.
The Becker residents now have good water pressure and are content with the water quality.
Location: South Central PA
Date of Installation: 3/7/17


Customer: Janeal Jaroh
Water Problem: Hard water and chlorine
Equipment: Shell carbon filtration followed by ion exchange softening
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Date of Installation: 9/20/16


Customer: Mary Kraft
Water Problem: Repair Water Softener
Equipment: Lancaster Water Softener
Location: Fairfield, PA
Date of Installation: 3/30/16


Customer: Brian & Sharon Hagerman
Water Problem: Hard water and iron
Equipment: Orphaned equipment installed by another company
Location: New Oxford, PA
Date of Installation: 5/20/15


Customer: Jacques Merine
Water Problem: Hardness (Well Water)
Equipment: Softener, Sears Kenmoore softener installed previously, serviced by us 4/28/15
Location: Gettysburg, PA


Customer: Kenneth & Linda Adams
Water Problem: Low pH (Acidic water) & Hard water
Equipment: Neutralizer and Water Softener
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Date of Installation: 2/25/2015


Customer: Ron Liggett
Water Problem: Bacteria, Bad Taste
Equipment: UltraViolet Light (UV light was pre-existing), Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System (ERO175)
Location: Abbottstown, PA
Date of Installation: April, 18 2014


Customer: Stephen Drummond
Water Problem: Hard Water
Equipment: Water Softener (3000 R20)
Location: Littlestown, PA
Date of Installation: November 1, 1995


Customer: Carl & Pat Leinbach
Water Problem: Iron, pH, Taste & Odor
Equipment: ETF2100 PF10, ERO 175, & Stenner Feed Pump
Location: Gardners, PA
Date of Installation: October 24, 2006


Customer: Jamie Harbaugh
Water Problem solved:  Hard Water & Bacteria
Equipment solution: ECR 3500 Water Softener and  UV sterilite
Location of Installation: Gettysburg, PA
Date of Installation: September, 2010


Customer: Valerie Manelli
Water Problem Solved:  Hard Water/ Reverse Osmosis Drinking  Water Solution
Equipment solution: ERR 3500 / Hero 375 Reverse Osmosis
Location of Installation: Gettysburg, PA
Date of Installation: August, 2010


Customer: Dr Samuels
Water Problem Solved:  Hard water creating scale build up.
Location of Installation:  Gettysburg,PA


Customer: Dr Berger
Water Problem Solved:  Hard Water  / Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
Equipment Solution:  EcoWater ERR 3500 and Hero 375 Reverse Osmosis
Location of Installation:  Gettysburg, PA
Date of Installation: August, 2010


Customer: Loree Foster  Berkshire Hathaway Reality
Water Problem Solved:  Various including hard water
Equipment solution:  EcoWater ERR 3500 and other
Location of Installation:  Gettysburg, PA
Date of Installation: Multiple

Customer: Cookie Driscoll
Water Problem Solved: Hard Water, Bacteria, Bad Odor
Equipment Solution: ECR 3500, UV sterilizer, Whole House Filtration
Location of Installation: Fairfield, PA
Date of Installation: August, 2002


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