Three Household Issues You Can Address in 2019

Three Household Issues You Can Address in 2019

Many of us have a long list of resolutions for the new year, but in 2019, why not decide to address some household issues. With one easy step, you can immediately combat three annoying problems that can affect almost every aspect of your home. Addressing hard water by installing a water softener can have a massive impact on your home, so here we’ll explore three household issues that you can easily tackle in 2019 with your installation.

White, Crusty Buildup

A white crust on your showerheads, faucets, and fixtures can be embarrassing, but when the glass on your shower doors also look cloudy, it can make your bathroom seem unclean. Fortunately, these issues are not a reflection on your cleaning skills, but rather are telltale indicators of hard water. The hard water minerals, such as magnesium and calcium are actually to blame for this nuisance. These minerals cause the flaky, white buildup and make it more difficult to rinse away detergents and soaps fully. This can add soap scum to your already unappealing scale problems.

While you may attempt many hours of cleaning to get rid of this scale buildup, a water softener will deal with the problem at its source. The softener will remove the excess magnesium and calcium from your water supply, so there are no mineral deposits to accumulate. This will help you to keep your faucets, fixtures, and glass sparkling clean as the problem is dealt with before the water is plumbed through your home.

Appliance Repair Issues

No one enjoys having to call in a technician to deal with yet another appliance repair issue, but you may not be aware that hard water could be the underlying cause. Appliances such as your coffee maker, dishwasher, water heater, and even refrigerator are all in use every day and are vital for the proper function of your home. These appliances also rely heavily on water usage, and if hard water is plumbed to your appliances, scale can build up inside the pipes and the appliance itself.

This scale accumulation reduces water flow, preventing your dishwasher and washing machine from cleaning properly, reducing the efficiency of your water heater and even clogging up your refrigerator water lines. In addition to causing this type of damage, scale accumulation increases appliance wear and can reduce the lifespan of your appliances by up to 50 percent. Installing a water softener will minimize the need for repairs and premature replacement.

Discolored, Scratchy Laundry

Hard water minerals can also deposit on fabrics, causing discoloration. The minerals also interact with your laundry detergent, preventing it from activating properly. This minimizes its effectiveness, and you may find that you are adding more detergent to each cycle. This excess soap is usually not rinsed properly, leaving a film on your laundry, causing it to feel scratchy and dull. Soft water will not only reduce the strain on your washing machine, but will also allow you to use less laundry detergent. So, you can enjoy brighter, cleaner and softer laundry results, while saving money.

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