The Beneficial Effects of Water Treatment

The Beneficial Effects of Water Treatment


Our bodies are actually made up of approximately 70% water, and we need a regular daily supply of clean, fresh drinking water in order to live. Given these facts, it should come as no surprise to anyone that our health is intrinsically intertwined with our water intake. Drinking water that is dirty or compromised with contaminants is a sure path to illness and disease. One of the best ways to secure a clean, safe water supply is to use water treatment systems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that are enjoyed by people that have invested in water treatment systems for their homes.

Water Quality is Linked to Good Health

The CDC recommends that an adult should consume at least eight 8oz glasses of water every day. This water intake needs to be from a good quality source and free from unhealthy contaminants. A primary concern is water borne diseases, such as norovirus, Giardia, Shigella and hepatitis A. In addition to these viruses and bacteria there are a number of health risks from other sources, such as: heavy metals, organic materials, and chemicals pollutants. Even naturally occurring compounds like lead can cause problems in high concentrations leading to nerve damage, skin conditions, and heart problems. Removing these contaminants is a great way to ensure that your water is clean and healthy.

Cleaner Water is Great for Your Appliances

When you install a whole house system in your home, there are additional benefits for your domestic appliances and plumbing fixtures. Using water softeners/water conditioners and filtration systems will help you to save money and prolong the life of your equipment. Appliances that use purer water are less likely to break down because hard water and contaminants cause damage. Most people also find that they use less energy as their appliances don’t have to work as hard. Washing is easier, soap lathers up easier and less detergent is required for a wash cycle. When you add up the money saved on energy bills, repair bills, appliance replacement and even detergent, the savings make a compelling case for a whole house water treatment system.

What Kind of Water Treatment Options are Available?

There are a number of different water treatment options to suit all kind of circumstances. If your water source is from a well, there are whole house and point of entry systems available that will treat the water before it even enters your plumbing. If you need purer drinking water only, a point of use filtration system that uses reverse osmosis or activated carbon filtration will provide a solution. Before you choose a water filtration system, have your water analyzed to determine which treatment will suit your needs best.

If you would like to improve the quality of the water in your home, talk to your local water treatment professional. There are many water softeners/water conditioners and filtration systems to deal with a wide variety of problems. Always ensure that your water professional is fully WQA certified, this will ensure that they meet or even exceed industry standards.

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About The Author: Mark Williams (NicMar Water President Mark Williams holds degrees in Applied Science and Industrial Thermodynamics, along with Agricultural Mechanization and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University. He also holds the highest possible industry ranking, being WQA (Water Quality Association) LEVEL 6 Certified.)

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