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Which is the Best Drinking Water for Pets, Hard or Soft?

Every living organism needs water to survive, and that’s why it’s vital to keep your pet’s water bowl topped up with refreshing water. Many pet owners worry about the type of water they give their pets to ensure that they stay healthy and vital. Can you give […]

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Improve Your Home Cooked Meals with Soft Water

When you’re working hard in the kitchen to make a meal your family will love it’s important to use the right ingredients. One of the most basic ingredients that are often overlooked by many cooks is water. In fact, water can have a major effect on the […]

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Soft Water Can Make Your Cooking Better

Soft Water Can Make Your Cooking Better   Preparing a meal is not always simple. You can follow the recipe to the letter and make sure you add in a list of ingredients a mile long, yet it still fails to wow your tastebuds. Before you despair […]

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Soft Water and Septic Systems

Soft Water and Septic Systems Softened water has a higher salt content than hard water. This has led to some information being published about the effects of that increased salt content on septic tanks. The contention has been that the saltwater content can cause damage to the […]

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