Water Treatment Services in Littlestown, PA

NicMar Water, serving the water needs of Littlestown, PA for years.


First named “Petersburg,” the ancient town known today as Littlestown, was originally laid out by German settler Peter Klein in 1760.   Confusion with neighboring York Spring, also named “Petersburg” at that time, necessitated a name change.   The first German settlers called the settlement “Kleine Stedtle” which literally translates to LITTLE TOWN… and the name stuck. Today, this diminutive1.6 square mile hamlet of around 4500, is a historic, charming  borough in Adams CountyPennsylvania.  Littlestown is surrounded by three larger communities, namely HanoverGettysburg, and Westminster, all within 10 to 20 miles distance. NicMar Water’s team of municipal water treatment professionals offers specific water treatment solutions for problems characteristic of Littlestown’s water supply, including water hardness and chlorine treatment.  In addition to hard water and de-chlorination, NicMar also offers the surrounding areas specialized water treatment for:

  • Iron and Rust Bacteria removal
  • Acidic water or pH imbalance issues
  • Sulfur and hydrogen sulphide gas related Water Problems
  • Manganese reduction
  • Nitrates abatement from animal waste and agricultural run-off
  • Bad tastes and odors elimination

NicMar Water has a 30 year track record of effectively resolving all of Littlestown’s most challenging water issues as well those in all of South Central PA, including York, Hanover, Gettysburg and Harrisburg.

Call NicMar Water at 717.528.8444 for any chlorine removal service or hard water problem in Littlestown or anywhere in South Central PA click here to contact us for immediate service.


Water Treatment Services in Littlestown, PA

Littlestown History Plaza
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