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Known for its world famous Pretzels (Snyder’s of Hanover) and its UTZ Potato Chip, this PA town has a colorful history and heritage.

Named after the German city of Hannover, Hanover PA is a borough of York County, Pennsylvania settled in the early 1730’s and eventually incorporated in 1815.  The town of roughly 15,000 sits in a rich Pennsylvania agricultural region 19 miles Southwest of York and 54 miles North-Northwest of Baltimore Maryland.

The original German settlers affectionately named the small enclave “Hickory Town” after the thick groves of hickory trees that grew there. The town’s name was actually suggested by one of the commissioners, Michael Tanner a native of Hannover, Germany, who laid out York County in 1749 and personally owned several large tracts.  The hamlet’s founders wanted to please the German settlers and agreed to the moniker.

Like most of the surrounding areas in York, Gettysburg and Harrisburg, Hanover also has a history of challenging water issues that often are only resolvable with whole house water filters.

For three decades, NicMar Water has been providing the installation of whole house water filters for the reduction of grey or black manganese staining, nitrate caused by animal waste and fertilizer runoff,  odor and taste issues from sulfur (hydrogen sulphide gas) to Chlorine from municipal water treatment, as well as chemical/pharmaceutical contamination (oral prescription drugs passing through into waste water.)

If you live anywhere in the greater Hanover area and are concerned that your water supply may require whole house water filtration of any kind call NicMar Water at 717.528.8444 and speak to our senior WQA water specialist who will give you a real assessment if you require a whole house water filter for your home or business.  The truth is, many times you may not.

We understand that in Hanover PA, the water can be problematic and the treatment options confusing. Our whole house water filter technicians Scott Hoak, Danny Sentz are certified and factory trained to answer all your questions as well as repair a wide variety of makes and models of whole house water filters.  So no matter the problem, NicMar Water can take care of it.

Call NicMar Water at 717.528.8444 for any water problem services in the surrounding Gettysburg, York, Hanover, Littlestown and Harrisburg area or click here to contact us for immediate service.



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