What Should You Expect From a Water Quality Consultation?

If you have ever wondered about what is going on with your home’s water, you may have considered a water quality consultation. Many water treatment companies offer consultations to help diagnose any water problems and provide a choice of potential solutions. Many homeowners feel a little apprehensive […]

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What Can a Whole House Water Filtration System do For You?

With all the environmental problems affecting our water supplies, it’s only natural to consider additional ways to obtain a higher quality of water. Many people, exploring this area for the first time can become bewildered by the choices available. One of the terms that will be encountered […]

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Mercury Standards for Your Drinking Water

For many of us mercury is an element that exists only in science fiction and inside thermometers. In fact, mercury is created by natural or synthetic processes that can lead to mercury being leaked into water sources. So, should you be concerned about mercury in your drinking […]

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Identifying Well Water Problems

When you initially select a well water treatment system, it’s essential to understand the water chemistry. This will help you to make an informed choice and choose the right system to meet your needs. The water chemistry in your well can easily be determined with a water […]

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How to Read a Water Quality Report

If the water supply for your home comes from a municipal facility, you are likely to have seen an annual water quality report. It is usually included in water bills, but many consumers dismiss it as they don’t really understand how to read it. This document actually […]

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How Much Water is Really Being Used in Your Home?

Many people want to do their part to help the environment, and we all want to get the most out of our water. The next water bill will tell you how much has been used during the billing period, but it will not tell you where the […]

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Are Total Dissolved Solids Bad or Good?

If you read any water quality report, you are likely to come across the term TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. Unfortunately, many of us remain a little confused about whether TDS in our water is a bad or good thing. Natural mineral water manufacturers boast that their […]

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Are High Nitrate Water Concentrations A Problem?

Nitrate or NO3 is a common form of nitrogen. This inorganic compound is chemically an anion that has a single negative charge with one atom of nitrogen and three oxygen atoms. Since it is an anion, it is water soluble. Plants use nitrate as a source of […]

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5 Ways to Fix Well Water Has a Foul Sulfur Odor

Many homeowners that use well water have issues with their water smelling foul. This is usually a rotten egg odor; a distinctive sulfurous smell that is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. Water with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, can also discolor beverages, change the taste of food […]

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Is Your Water Quality Ruining Your Meals?

Should Your Whole House Water Filter Feature UV?   When you have worked hard to prepare a home cooked meal, it can be disappointing when it doesn’t turn out as it should. While you may be left pondering about why your amazing meal didn’t taste quite right, […]

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