Improve Your Home Cooked Meals with Soft Water

When you’re working hard in the kitchen to make a meal your family will love it’s important to use the right ingredients. One of the most basic ingredients that are often overlooked by many cooks is water. In fact, water can have a major effect on the […]

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Have You Installed a Water Softener and Are Still Getting Spotting?

This is actually a common question that water treatment professionals get from clients from time to time. The homeowner has installed a water softener to remove the hard water minerals that cause effects, such as scale buildup, soap scum and unpalatable drinking water. They were also enjoying […]

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A Simple DIY Test for Hard Water That You Can Do Today

Many of us have heard about hard water, and how it can cause all sorts of problems in our homes. Hard water can clog up plumbing, wear out appliances, cause soap scum and even make our hair dry and brittle. Almost 85% of U.S. homes have a […]

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3 Surprising U.S. Water Quality Facts

Many people may have heard about the water quality problems encountered throughout the U.S. in recent years. It seems that water contamination stories are widespread and the problems may be worse than we realize. There are many different sources of contamination in water supplies, and it’s important […]

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3 Common Well Water Problems and How to Fix Them

When a new spring season arrives, it can affect the quality of your well water supply in a number of different ways. Approximately 12 million American homes draw their water from private wells, and if your home is amongst them, you could be affected. Here are three […]

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Why do Your Laundry Colors Fade?

There is nothing more frustrating than finding that great item of clothing starting to look dull and tired. While you may have been attracted to the bright, vibrant color, after a few washes your clothing can start to look far less appealing. Fortunately, it is simple to […]

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Keeping Your Water Softener Safe While Traveling

If you’re planning to go out of town this winter, you may have concerns about your water softener. You’re likely to have experienced, or heard of friends who returned home to an unpleasant surprise. So, here are some precaution points to ensure that your water softener is […]

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Is Your Water a Good Fit For Your Family’s Standards

When many of us start to think about the housing needs of our family, heating and cooling is usually a major consideration, while we rely on good quality food and the variety of technologies around our homes. In recent years, families have become more and more concerned […]

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Does Your Tap Water Taste of Dirt?

Most of us expect the water coming out of our faucets to be crystal clear and free of any odd odors. We definitely don’t want our water to have a bad taste, but this isn’t always the case. Even if your water is supplied by the city […]

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Decoding Water Stain Colors Around Your Home

Even if the water coming out of your faucets is crystal clear, it can still create staining in fixtures, dishes, glasses, and countertops around your home. Stains from water contaminants are very common, but the color of the stain can provide insight into your water quality. White […]

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