The Heavy Burden of Salt

The Heavy Burden of Salt IT CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH IN WAYS THAT DON’T IMMEDIATELY COME TO MIND Many people are aware of the health risks of consuming too much salt in the diet. Excessive salt consumption has been linked to high blood pressure, heart […]

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Iron… One of Pennsylvania’s Big Water Problems

Iron… One of Pennsylvania’s Big Water Problems .  Higher levels of iron are a common issue in water quality. While the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) does not classify elevated concentrations of iron in drinking water to be a health issue ( , it can cause other problems around the […]

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Clean Your Water Heater From Hard Water Deposits

Clean Your Water Heater from Hard Water Deposits Hard Water Is Bad For Your Appliances. Here are PRO TIPS on how to clean your home Water Heater which can be a reservoir of minerals. Over years of use, as water cycles through the tank, minerals like calcium, […]

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There are more ORPHANS in South Central PA than you know…

There are more ORPHANS in South Central PA than you know… Abandoned or no longer manufactured / supported equipment may still be in your home.  What are your options?  Some helpful tips for the DIY types… and those who just want their investment protected. Typically any generic […]

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What Is That Pink Stuff?

What is that Pink Stuff? There are a great many people who take real pride in ensuring their home looks spotless and clean. This can make it especially frustrating and embarrassing when there is a pink residue or stain on their bathroom basins, tubs and fittings. Many […]

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Your Treated Water Beyond the Home

Your Treated Water Beyond the Home While many consumers consider water treatment for their own property, a great number are unaware of the extended applications that go beyond the home and impact our everyday lives. Treated water is actually an important component of a great many businesses […]

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Do No-Salt Softeners Work? Yes & No

Do No-Salt Softeners Work?  Yes & No Separating Science from Fiction… There are only 2 economical ways to obtain TRUE soft water; the most common is ion exchange. For each ion of calcium and magnesium, the minerals that cause hardness, two sodium ions are added into the […]

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Buyer Beware: What You Should Always Look for in a Contractor

Buyer Beware: What You Should Look for in a Water Treatment Contractor If you’re looking for a contractor, any type of contractor, there are some effective measures you can take to ensure that you’re getting the highest possible level of customer service. The following information will help […]

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A Water Softener May Actually Make Your Water Problem Worse

A Water Softener may actually make your water problem worse. There is an old adage that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  This is particularly true when homeowners seek a solution to their problem water.  What most consumers are unaware of is that not all […]

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