Should You Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Replace Bleach in Your Well?

As a private well owner, you’re likely to be aware of the importance of ensuring your water supply is free of bacteria. While many well owners use bleach, there are some concerns about the toxicity of bleach and whether hydrogen peroxide would make an effective substitute. So, […]

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What are the Three Different Types of Water

When we think about water or hear reports about it in the media, we’re often looking at a single type of water. Most of us are not aware that there are a number of different types of water that are used for very different tasks. The three […]

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Livestock Waste in Our Water Supplies

This may be a disturbing topic to cover for many people interested in the quality of their domestic water supplies. It’s important to understand that our water quality is being compromised by contaminants from modern farming activities. Although pesticides are also a problem, this is not the […]

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Water Monitoring Increasing Your Personal Responsibility

Each year World Water Monitoring Day is celebrated to increase public awareness and build education to protect water resources throughout the globe. The aim of the organization is to engage all citizens to develop a habit of basic monitoring of local water bodies and their own drinking […]

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How to Extend Your Water Heater Lifespan

Home appliances don’t come cheap, and so most homeowners want to make their appliances last as long as possible. One component of helping your appliances, particularly water using appliances is paying attention to water quality and hardness. If your home has hard water and you don’t have […]

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2018: The Year For Smart Water Trends

2017 brought is a lot of things for homeowners to celebrate, but also to be concerned with. Drinking water has been a topic of conversation in the media and in homes around the country, as water contamination issues in the United States appear to have become more […]

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Do You Need an R.O System When You Have a Fridge Filter

Fresh drinking water is a convenience most of us enjoy in our homes. Yet, the water coming directly from the faucet may not meet your drinking water expectations or standards. Perhaps your tap water has a bad taste, or you have concerns about water contaminants, but buying […]

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Does Reverse Osmosis Water Make Better Coffee?

Most of us enjoy a great cup of coffee, but you may not have thought about the impact of your water quality. A cup of coffee is approximately 97% water, so the water used to make your coffee is vitally important. This means that if you have […]

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Which is the Best Drinking Water for Pets, Hard or Soft?

Every living organism needs water to survive, and that’s why it’s vital to keep your pet’s water bowl topped up with refreshing water. Many pet owners worry about the type of water they give their pets to ensure that they stay healthy and vital. Can you give […]

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Using Soft Water Will Stretch Your Detergent Dollar

Many homeowners may already be aware of the numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by having soft water in their homes, such as cleaner dishes, smoother feeling skin and a reduction in scale buildup. One of the lesser known benefits is how soft water can improve your […]

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