3 Things to Check When Your Water Softener Stops Working

A water softener is a great way to improve the quality of the water in your home. Every aspect of daily life that involves using water becomes much easier, and water appliances will last longer. Like any piece of equipment, a water softener can occasionally fail, and […]

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Why Does Your Water Taste Salty?

If you detect a salty aftertaste when you drink a glass of water, it could be due to sulfates or chlorine ions being present in your water supply. Unfortunately, with hundreds of possible contaminants found in the water supplies around the U.S, it is important that you […]

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What Should You Do If Your Well Is Flooded

A flood is a major hassle for any homeowner, but while you may be concerned about protecting your belongings inside your home, you may not have considered whether your well has been compromised. Flood water often carries pollutants that can easily contaminate wells and there is also […]

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What Causes Particles In Your Drinking Water?

It can be very disconcerting to see strange floating bits in your water or an unappealing sediment lurking at the bottom of your glass. While particles floating in your water is not pleasant, in most cases, they are merely an aesthetic problem and not a risk to […]

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Does Your Well Water Contain Lead?

If you receive your water supply from a private well, you are likely to be aware that you are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of your water. It is recommended by the EPA that well owners perform annual testing and one important component of this […]

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Dealing With Nitrite and Nitrate in Drinking Water

Nitrite and nitrate are two forms of nitrogen that are found in drinking water supplies. Although small doses are considered to be harmless, higher levels can cause health issues. For this reason, the EPA has set a Maximum Contaminant Level for public water supplies. Unfortunately, if you […]

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Buying a Home With a Private Well; Things You Should Know

Purchasing a home can be a complicated process, but if you are considering a property with a private well water supply, there are some things you should know before you sign on the dotted line.  The Well’s History: Most mortgage companies make a water quality test a […]

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All Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Well Water Filtration

Many real estate agents can appreciate that potential buyers tend to be reluctant to purchase a home if the well water supply contains contaminants. Fortunately, metals, sediment or minerals need not be a deal breaker, as these issues can be easily resolved. This means that real estate […]

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A Brief Guide to Radon Water Contamination

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that is naturally occurring and created during the radioactive breakdown of uranium. Unfortunately, radon can enter the air we breathe and our drinking water. It can be dissolved and accumulate in groundwater, seeping into wells.  So here is a […]

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What are the EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standards?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal body tasked with keeping our drinking water safe from contaminants. In order to do this, they’ve established National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWRs) to set quality standards for a variety of contaminants found in drinking water. These legally enforceable […]

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