4 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Annual Service Your Water Softener

4 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Annual Service Your Water Softener

A water softener is a great way to improve the quality of your water, but like any piece of equipment, it will need to be serviced regularly to keep working as the manufacturer intended. This goes beyond merely topping up with salt, and these tasks should ideally be carried out by a local water treatment professional on an annual basis. Let’s take a closer look at four key areas that need expert attention during your annual water softener service visit.

1. General Cleaning and Upkeep

During the service call, your chosen water treatment professional will clean out your brine tank and recharge your resin media. They will also take a look inside your brine tank for any signs of salt bridging, and if necessary, the system will be sanitized. This is a great way to ensure that your water softener is working correctly, cleaned and ready for use.

2. Optimization of Your Settings

Every water softener has valve settings that can be set to deal with the water quality needs in your home. When you have an annual service, the water treatment specialist can check these setting and make sure that they are set correctly. If your valve settings are optimized, you will save money because your water softener may not need to regenerate as often. This could be necessary because there are more or less people in the home and the demand for softened water has decreased. If you have a more up market water softener, you may have a system that can regenerate automatically solely based on your home water consumption. If this is the case, the valve is set automatically, and there will be no need to adjust any setting.

3. Essential Maintenance

As we discussed earlier, a water softener like many appliances has o-rings, joints, and moving parts that can wear out over time and need to be replaced. The water softener valve may also need servicing to ensure that the system is working as intended. Regular maintenance makes good financial sense, a water softener is an investment in your water quality, and it’s a good idea to protect that investment. Remember that a water softener system will save you money on soap, detergent and lower energy bills. Another consideration is that a water softener will play in reducing wear and tear on your water using appliances keeping them running efficiently for longer. When you add these savings up, an annual service is well worth the minimal expense.

4. Water Assessment

A water treatment specialist will also be able to test your water to ensure that the composition has not changed during the last year. Even water received from a municipal water plant can change, and the new water properties could affect your water softener system. Perhaps a pre-filter will be needed to remove any debris or dirt before it can enter the system and damage it. Your local water conditions can change quickly, and well water users can be affected by herbicides and storm runoff that can seep into groundwater supplies. For these reasons, annual water testing during a service visit is highly recommended.

By Mark Williams (NicMar President Mark Williams holds degrees in Applied Science and Industrial Thermodynamics, along with Agricultural Mechanization and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University.  He also holds the highest possible industry ranking, being WQA (Water Quality Association) LEVEL 6 Certified.

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