4 Reasons Why A Water Softener is Worth the Investment

4 Reasons Why A Water Softener is Worth the Investment

Regardless of where you live in the United States, it is not uncommon to experience home water issues. Scale free fixtures, soft skin, and bright laundry can be virtually impossible to achieve unless you have a water softener. If you’re still not convinced, here are four reasons why a water softener is well worth the investment.

Spot Free Glassware

Whether you’re entertaining or just want to enjoy a drink at home, spotty glasses can be unsightly and unpalatable. When you’ve taken the time to run your glassware through the dishwasher, it can be frustrating to unload and discover that you need to rewash spotty items. Unfortunately, rewashing rarely works, which can leave you in a quandary of how you can enjoy spot free glasses. The answer is a water softener.

The minerals in hard water react with detergents to create a residue that causes spots on your glasses. A water softener will remove these minerals to allow you to enjoy sparkling cookware, utensils and glassware.

Protection for Your Plumbing and Fixtures

Faucets, shower heads, and pipes can be vulnerable to becoming clogged with mineral buildup. This scale appears as white particles around the holes in your showerhead or on the aerator, blocking the water flow or causing sputtering. Unfortunately, this scale is also forming inside your pipes and fixtures. As the water flow is reduced, it increases pressure, particularly on the joints and seams, increasing the risks of a leak developing.

While you can tackle blockages as they occur, installing a water softener addresses the problem at its source, providing protection for all your plumbing and fixtures.

Protection For Appliances

Just like your fixtures, water using appliances can also be vulnerable to scale accumulation. The hard water minerals can build up inside these appliances, particularly around heating elements. This not only reduces the efficiency of the appliance, but forces it to work harder for longer to maintain the desired temperature. This can lead to the development of breakdown issues and a compromised lifespan. A water softener can alleviate these issues and help your appliance to provide optimum performance.

Iron Removal

Finally, a water softener can eliminate any iron in your water supply. Iron can be one of the most unsavory minerals in your water; it causes a bad taste, staining on light colored laundry, and mark fixtures. It can even contribute to a rotten egg odor and clog up your plumbing. Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of high iron content in their water supply, as clothing, linens, dishes, and fixtures have been ruined. While you will need to tailor your choice of water softener to the specific type of iron in your water, your new device can eliminate this mineral and allow you to wave goodbye to staining.

If you’re considering a water softener for your home, you should speak to an experienced water treatment specialist. A fully WQA certified technician can not only assess your water to determine the specific contaminant levels, but also guide you through the choice of treatment options that meet or even exceed the industry standards.

By Mark Williams (NicMar President Mark Williams holds degrees in Applied Science and Industrial Thermodynamics, along with Agricultural Mechanization and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University.  He also holds the highest possible industry ranking, being WQA (Water Quality Association) LEVEL 6 Certified.)

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