3 Good Reasons to Upgrade an Under Sink Water Filter

3 Good Reasons to Upgrade an Under Sink Water Filter

If you have a water filter under your kitchen sink, you will have access to clean water from that faucet. This is great for drinking, cleaning and preparing food, but what about the rest of your home. The water that may be tainted with chemicals will still be used in the showers and water using appliances. Many people choose to address this problem by upgrading their water treatment system to include the entire home. In this article, we will look at three good reasons why you may want to upgrade your under sink water filter.

1. Thorough Water Treatment

Your under sink water filter may be removing any bad tastes and smells out of the tap water. Despite this, there may still be harmful chemical compounds and byproducts present as well as sediment, rust, and debris. These particulates may even be visible in your water, and they could be there because of a build up of hard water in the filter. If you upgrade to a whole house water filtration system these particles will be removed; this will make your water healthier and kinder to your appliances.

2. Saving Even More Money

When you install an under sink filter, you don’t need to buy bottled water for drinking. This is a great saving, but you could be saving even more money if you upgrade to a whole house water filtration system. In fact, you can save a significant amount of money in a number of areas, such as appliance repair and replacement, soap, detergent, and energy bills.

An under sink filter will only provide a better quality of water to the kitchen tap for drinking and cooking. Poor quality water will still be provided for the rest of the home, and this includes your water using appliances. The appliances will run better at lower temperatures and last longer if the water is soft and free from debris and particulates. This will reduce your repair bills, help your appliances to last longer before they need to be replaced and your energy bills will be reduced.

The ions in poor quality water don’t react well with soap and detergent. Harder water makes it difficult to form a lather, and you may find that you need a lot of soap to wash effectively. The soap is also harder to rinse away, the deposits left behind can make your skin dry and leave your hair feeling dull and brittle. Using more soap and detergent costs more, and it can really add up over an entire year.

3. Reducing Plumbing Costs

When you run hard water through your pipes, faucets, drains and shower heads it will cause a buildup of lime and scale. Eventually, this material will clog up your plumbing fixtures, and you may need professional plumbing help to get your system up and running again. Soft water is far kinder to plumbing, the amount of scale will be reduced or removed entirely saving you time and money.

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